Mozilla Thunderbird setup

The description on Windows, Linux and MAC operating system installed Thunderbird equally valid

  1. Open the Add Mail Account... menu. Tools -> Account Settings -> Account actions (left side botton)
  2. In the new windows, enter your name, e-mail address of the institution, in the form and the password.
  3. Push the continue button.
  4. You can set your IMAP or POP3 you want to use (IMAP is recommended).
  5. The client fills out well on the incoming and outgoing servers, but clicking the Manual setting should verify that they are set to:
    1. Incoming: IMAP, Server hostname:, Port: 993, SSL: SSL/TLS, Authentication: Normal password
    2. Outgoing: SMTP, Server hostname:, Port: 465, SSL: SSL/TLS, Authentication: Normal password
    3. The username is your institute loginname.
  6. If you click on the Finish button, then you have added your account
  7. Right click on the account's name, then click on Settings
  8. Under your account's name click on Server Settings
  9. Click on the Advanced... button
  10. To the top text field(IMAP server directory) write in the INBOX word with capital letters
  11. After restarting the Thunderbird client your account should be ready to use(it will need a little time until it downloads all your e-mails)