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The International country calling code of Hungary is +36 and the city calling code of Budapest is 1.

Director of the Institute

Péter P. Pálfy
Contact him about important global issues concerning the Institute.
Phone: 483-8302; FAX: 483-8333
e-mail: palfy.peter.pal
Personal homepage

Deputy Director

Dezső Miklós
Contact him about budget and planning, fundraising, informatics, project proposals, external relations and cooperation.
Phone: 483-8321; FAX: 483-8333
e-mail: miklos.dezso
Personal homepage

Executive Director

Márta Szomolányi
Contact her about core facility management
Phone: 483-8321; FAX: 483-8333
e-mail: szomolanyi.marta

Scientific Secretary

Balázs Patkós
Contact him about seminars, conferences and project proposals.
Phone: 483-8362; FAX: 483-8333
e-mail: tudomanyos.titkar
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Head of Finance Department

Boza Marianna
Phone: 483-8340; FAX: 483-8332
e-mail: boza.marianna

European Programme Coordinator

Tiziana Del Viscio
Contact about practical questions concerning our EU projects.
Phone: 483-8308; FAX: 483-8332
e-mail: del.viscio.tiziana